Social media campaigns and content production

Social media is an increasingly relevant way in which organisations can interact with different stakeholders. It is important to note that social media and traditional media interact in many ways. Traditional media also seeks talking points and takes into account the attitudes, opinions and information needs expressed by the public in social media. As each organisation is more or less a media house in itself, social media has also become an integral part of corporate communications.

Accordingly, organisations are professionally active in social media, where they actively search for and share information, and where they participate in discussions in the same places where people who are relevant to the company’s activities themselves seek information, discussions or entertainment. Good interaction in social media is especially important in terms of the customer experience.

Platforms are selected according to the client’s stakeholders and their own communication needs. The media and many opinion leaders, for example, actively follow Twitter, which is also an important tool in crisis communications. In recruitment communications, experienced professionals can be reached through LinkedIn, while other target groups can be reached through targeted marketing on Facebook. Young people enjoy platforms like Discord, Snapchat and TikTok. YouTube in turn serves as a search engine for those who are interested in entertainment and visual instructions in video format.

Synergies between content production and social media marketing

Medita has strong experience in social media marketing and advertising, as well as community and social media management. We are experts in using Facebook Business tools, LinkedIn advertising, and Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. We use a number of different tools for publishing and managing channels – in addition to some channels’ own tools, such as Hubspot and Falcon – depending on the client.

Services and support of a social media manager

Social media managers represent their employer or client in various social media services. Community managers are multifaceted experts who maintain a company’s social channels. These roles require fluent command of various tools, industry expertise and often language skills as well. In addition, social media managers must be familiar with the products and services they represent, in addition to which the expertise of the client organisation must be available.

Particularly good results are achieved in social media when the business objectives and operating environment are clearly understood through communications planning and content production.

Medita offers fully outsourced social media manager services for various channels. It is also possible to distribute tasks efficiently so that Medita produces and distributes content while the client’s customer service is responsible for contacts, for example.

We actively work in the fields of customer experiences, corporate image development and recruitment marketing in many different arenas. We are supported in the implementation and analysis of these campaigns by Facebook’s and Google’s own experts.

Our services:

  • Social media strategies, development and content plans
  • Social media guidelines and training
  • Social media and community management, customer service on social media
  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • Social media monitoring, reporting and analytics


  • A welcome addition to your own channels
  • The opportunity to make your own expertise and responsibility visible
  • Effective interaction and earned visibility on social media
  • Information about the needs and expectations of stakeholders
  • The opportunity to increase awareness and interest among your audiences
  • Effective advertising campaigns and new customers
  • The opportunity to improve the customer experience

Look after the customer experience and experience of jobseekers. 
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