Boost Your Visibility package starting from 1900 €/month, min. 3 months

Would you like to try our services for a set period, or perhaps you need assistance with a specific project? Our Boost Your Visibility package provides access to our services for a fixed price and period of time. Each package is tailored with the exact contents your company needs targeted specifically at your audiences. These contents may include, for example, reference stories, press releases, career stories, blogs, articles or news – all recommended and produced by our communications experts. 

The selected contents can also be mixed flexibly. The different types of content can be used to support your sales, marketing automation, newsletters, websites, social media channels, brochures, trade shows and promotions, for example.

Versatile content that supports your targets will make your marketing communications interesting and meet the needs of all your different target groups. By working together, we can recommend the communication channels that best serve your needs and how best to communicate your activities.

Producing expert content can be challenging amid the normal hustle and bustle of business, but we can make the process that much easier! How it works:  

  1. Electronic background survey
  2. Planning meeting: definition of goals and target groups
  3. Content plan
  4. Communications contents: 1–2/month depending on scope
    • Reference story, press release, career story, blog, article, news, etc.
    • Phone interview with an expert representing the client or client’s own customer. Note: Remember to request permission from the customer
    • Production of texts by a communications expert, 1-2 A4 pages/content, more pages for an additional fee
    • The content can be exchanged for media distribution if the topic is newsworthy
  5. Commenting rounds, including client (2/content), interviewee 1/content, hourly fee charged for additional work 
  6. Publishing or consultation on how to utilise contents in multiple channels 

Other media services are available for an additional charge, such as translations, campaigns and global media distribution.