Google Ads, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook Ads

Advertising on digital channels is cost-effective and precisely targeted to the right target group. We help you choose the right marketing channels and campaign types for your products and services that are effectively linked to your other marketing efforts.

Medita’s digital marketing services are based on in-depth content expertise. Effective use of advertising channels requires high-quality content that is of interest to the recipient and continuously updated.

Paid digital marketing is based on search engine marketing, which not only improves the visibility and discoverability of your own products and services but also provides useful analytical information to further develop and target content to your customers. Other suitable marketing channels, such as video advertising or various forms of advertising on social media channels, can be selected according to your target groups. 

Our digital marketing services are always combined with strategic planning, targeted content production and the publishing of optimised content – including video and images in addition to text – on your website. Analytics help you optimise your campaigns and continuously develop your content to achieve the best return on your investment.

We also help ensure that your organisation’s activities comply with all applicable laws, regulatory guidelines and GDPR regulations regarding marketing and the processing of personal data.

Our services include ad campaign planning, content production, creating and optimising campaign websites, continuous campaign monitoring and optimisation, and reporting.


  1. Your company, product or service will be easier to find
  2. Your visibility will improve
  3. Your website traffic will increase
  4. Your productivity from leads, conversions and sales will increase
  5. You will reach potential customers more effectively

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