HubSpot marketing automation and content marketing

HubSpot is a cloud-based marketing automation system designed to help companies grow their business, find just the right customers, and market and sell more effectively in a way that gets satisfied customers to continue recommending their products and services to others.

It is based on a technology platform and mindset where the key goal is seamless collaboration between sales, marketing and customer service teams. Organisations that have already adopted the new method enjoy a significant competitive advantage over those that continue a company-centric way of promoting their business based on paid advertising and visibility.

Medita offers experience in modernising communications and marketing using HubSpot tools. Other similar customer management and publishing systems are also available, all of which highlight interesting, targeted content as the key to reaching the right customers. However, technology alone does not change anything; a fundamental change of attitude is needed: The time of pushing products on customers is over. A well-served, loyal customer is the best advertisement for a company and the key to growth.

Relevant content is decisive

Companies can attract the right pair of eyes online with reliable, relevant and useful content that encourages a dialogue with customers. The inputs of well-targeted communications and marketing are not wasted on general searches but are directed instead at those who are primarily interested in a particular offering. A newsletter that a customer subscribes to willingly will go to the right address, and the contact information provided voluntarily will allow you to correspond appropriately.

Closer collaboration between communications, customer service, marketing and sales makes it possible to ensure that the customer does not get lost between different functions and is left unanswered. Interested customers get the information they want, and the content marketer reaches their most potential customers. The goal is to work together to produce more and better leads for sales, allowing sales to focus their resources on the most likely customers.

By automating the routine steps of interaction, human resources can be used for personal interaction in the option evaluation and purchase decision stages of the consumer buying decision process. The data is used responsibly and transparently with the express consent of the parties.

Our services:

  • Consulting – what kind of business activities is HubSpot suitable for and how do you choose the right service package from the many options?
  • Technical and business implementation of the content marketing and marketing automation system, as well as practical training and support
  • Continuous services for content production, marketing automation and digital campaigns within the scope agreed with the client
  • High-quality content production and active targeted distribution ensure that the system investment is utilised fully and generates high-quality leads for sales, as well as new customers and recommendations for the company.
  • Website evaluation and content review, as well as continuous development services – how to get your website to serve your business goals like your best employees do


  • Well-planned and efficient system investment that saves human resources for individual customer service and sales work
  • Interesting and updated websites pull their own weight like a motivated team
  • High-quality leads increase marketing hit accuracy and sales profitability
  • Satisfied customers who receive a timely response to their needs
  • Interesting data for communications, marketing and developing products and services instead of assumptions and personal opinions