Medita is an expert in sustainable business and responsible communications.
Our mission is to protect and grow the company valuation of our clients through responsible communications.
Your communications are handled by our team of experts with strong knowledge in specific sectors,
such as energy, transportation, construction, technology and health.
We deliver impressive results cost-effectively through quality content and modern inbound marketing.
Our clients can trust our proactive project management.

We have offices in Helsinki and Jyväskylä – and consultants wherever our clients need us.
Medita has an excellent awareness of Finnish media and media usage habits in Finland.
We always take into consideration the Finnish business environment when localising content and providing PR services.

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Always a suitably sized communications department
Make communications a strength. Medita’s team of experts works like one of your own, helping to develop, plan and implement marketing and communications, from formulating key messages to handling social media and other media relations.

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Demanding content production
At Medita we make sure that your messages are well-formulated, well-implemented and well-targeted, especially for demanding audiences. When producing content, the client’s objectives and quality are our top considerations in terms of both the results of our work and the content strategy.

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Digital marketing
The vast majority of marketing and communications these days takes place in the digital environment. Take control of your online presence, messages and interaction, and make the most of your online information in the digital media and social media.

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Other services

Media relations, Reputation and PR
A company’s brand is constructed from a consistent and credible public image, i.e. reputation. Regular contacts with the media and an awareness of your business environment are the starting points for media visibility. We develop media and social media plans, produce press releases and background information, and can also take responsibility for distribution and contacting.

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Key messages
Key messages are formulated using qualitative research methods. The work begins by interviewing the client’s key employees, after which a pair of consultants from Medita organises a workshop in which the client’s most important stakeholders are identified, along with the types of messages that appeal especially to them and key messages that apply to everyone.

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