Many types of crises threaten companies and organisations, including those that threaten their very existence, those that may cause damage to their reputation or operations, those that develop gradually over a long period of time, and those that can arise in an instant. Crises related to information security are becoming more common. Situations requiring crisis communications may include, for example, negative posts on social media or comments in the media, accidents at work, other accidents, information leaks, misconduct, and financial crises.

Well-thought-out and rehearsed crisis communications with designated people in charge can be priceless in emergencies. An organisation that has been training for a crisis will cope with difficult situations with less damage than an unprepared one.

Our services:

  • Situation assessment of crisis communications
  • Crisis communications plan
  • Sparring of key personnel
  • Simulation exercises and ready templates for specific situations
  • International crisis communications through our Worldcom partners


  1. Readiness to prevent and manage any crises facing your organisation
  2. Clear crisis communications materials and instructions for employees and management: who does what and in what order