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Medita has its roots in scientific journalism, which originally brought together a small group of journalists and researchers. Our purpose was to spread the light of knowledge to the world while also earning a living from it. Over the years, dozens of talented individuals have been involved, all of whom have shared an interest in the world and a desire to understand the direction in which it is developing – maybe even to influence it.

The same ambition has also served our clients well, many of whom have been technology companies and expert organisations. Our increasingly complex world needs interpreting, as well as different platforms for sharing contents that are interesting to their audiences. There is a clear demand for the skills needed to conduct interviews, retrieve information and critique sources, as there is for the ability to communicate complex matters in an interesting and understandable way to those who can benefit from this information.

A curious communications consultant serves as a valuable and discerning extra pair of eyes for clients. The thirst for truth is an invaluable benefit in communications, in meeting stakeholder expectations, and also in managing business and reputation risks.

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Our way of working is best described as systematic. As our client, you know you are in good hands.

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Being curious is a useful trait in communication professionals. It makes us want to find out about things. It helps us understand the big picture and draw the connections. Together, the Medita team represents an inquisitive group of professionals who look after the best interests of our customers.

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