The image and reputation of a company as an employer determines the level of interest in it among the skilled workforce. Companies compete for the best skills, even among potential recruits who may not be actively looking for a new job. However, they may seize the opportunity if the employer has a good reputation.

Building an image as an employer is a long-term commitment. Recruitment communications involve more than just advertising job openings when new employees are needed. They require continuously monitoring the business environment, maintaining the interest of potential recruits, and providing information even when job openings are not available.

Systematic recruitment communications help ensure that the right kind of applicants are aware of your company and are informed when job openings are available. Potential recruits are also encouraged to be active themselves and to get in touch when looking for a change and new opportunities.


  • A good reputation as an employer
  • The right kind of applicants will know you even before job openings are available
  • Your company values will match those of potential recruits
  • Employees will feel they are wanted and are provided with information on a regular basis
  • You will find the right channels for reaching the right kind of applicants
  • You will know how to use digital marketing tools to ensure interest among employees