More and more companies have reason to communicate across borders. We offer localisation services in communications together with our extensive international network. Medita is the only Finnish communications agency that is part of the Worldcom Public Relations Group. Worldcom has more than 130 independent offices, guaranteeing reliable cooperation around the world. Our partners have the best knowledge of what works and what does not in their own local markets.

With our help, you can reach your target audiences. We provide international media coverage, press releases and worldwide distribution and promotions. Our services combine comprehensive distribution and strong expertise.


  1. Locally targeted content that appeals to your target audiences around the world
  2. International visibility for your organisation

Worldcom Public Relations Group

International communications with the help of a worldwide network

Utilise the experience of more than 130 international partners in local marketing, media and culture when planning your export activities and localising your products and/or services.

Founded in 1988, the Worldcom Public Relations Group bundles the knowledge and expertise of 115 international communication and PR agency partners operating in 115 markets on 6 continents. Worldcom’s agency partners employ over 2000 communications experts and have a combined total of more than 260 million euros in annual billings.

The strength of Worldcom agencies lies in the seamless collaboration among partners. What separates these independent, entrepreneur-led agencies from other global communications agencies is their flexible and committed customer service. Clients of Worldcom partners have access not only to strong expertise and marketing communications and public relations, but also to local knowledge of languages, cultures and business environments.

Worldcom operates in three regions: the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Worldcom’s EMEA agencies are specialised in communications, investor relations, and crisis management within the consumer sector, healthcare, travel, technology, energy and the environment, financial services, and the public sector. Clients include Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson, LG Electronics, Verbatim and Palm.

Medita is an active partner in Worldcom. Our international cooperation offers unique insight into business and culture in different cultures. It also ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of global developments within our own industry.

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