Can potential customers find your website online? Every other person searching for information from websites relies on a search engine. Search engines do not direct the user to the homepage but rather to the precise page where the information they are looking for can be found.

The accuracy of hits is important – the search result must respond to the precise needs of the user. Search engine visibility is guaranteed not only by technical solutions. Your web pages must also have high-quality content in which the most commonly used keywords appear naturally. The starting point is that your company can be found online under its own name, but even more important is that your own products and services are prominently recommended when searched for online. What keywords should appear on your company website?

Our Search Engine Optimisation ABC+ service offers the following:

  1. Baseline analysis and basic guidelines for continuously developing your own online visibility and discoverability
  2. Search engine optimised content production (approx. 1 working day): editing existing content to support visibility and/or producing a single customer story or blog

Find out also about the other supporting services we offer, such as Boost Your Visibility, continuous content production, and Google Ads and social media campaigns.