Situation assessment and development proposals to support your strategy work

Our communications experts are at your service whenever you are looking for insight to improve your company’s communications and marketing.

We can begin, for example, with a 45-minute remote meeting and follow up with a more comprehensive audit. In the audit, we will review your communications and marketing, as well as the current state of your business, specific pain points, your wishes and your sales needs. Based on these, we can provide you with a proposal to support your strategy work and improve your marketing communications.

A situation assessment of your communications will help develop and measure the right things, prioritise them and focus available resources effectively. External experts often identify areas for development that may go unnoticed amid the day-to-day operations of the client company.

Medita’s multiskilled team will be happy to support your company in developing and implementing your communications after the situation assessment.


  • A comprehensive review of your company’s communications and marketing
  • Prioritisation of development targets
  • Independent perspective of an external expert
  • Concrete development proposals
  • Suggested metrics to help verify the sustainability and development trend of the client company’s business
  • Support for further developing communications after the audit

Begin with a self-assessment of your communications

Are you aware of the current state of your organisation’s communications?

Our free-of-charge self-assessment tool is a short test that provides clear indicators about the state of your communications now and how you could further develop your communications to make them more effective.

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