A multiskilled team assigned for your specific communications and marketing needs

Do you need marketing communications support to ensure the right things are being done?

We also offer communications resources with an annual agreement. In practice, this means that our international network and Medita’s own multiskilled team of experienced communication experts are always at your disposal whenever you need support. With us, your business goals will be effectively supported through multi-channel communications. The long-term goal of this communications collaboration is to protect and increase the value of your company and brand.

Annual agreement for services of dedicated communications team from Medita

  • Flexible and always the perfect amount
  • Additional resources and support for your own marketing communications team and company management
  • Appointed head of communications who takes overall responsibility for either all communications or a specific project and maintains regular contact with the client
  • Specific expertise and industry know-how by a committed team comprising communications consultants from Medita and, if necessary, our network 
  • A package of services tailored to your needs, from consultation and training to content production, media relations and digital marketing
  • Definition of communications metrics and calibration according to set targets
  • Up-to-date communications expertise plus sparring, coordination, preparations, fast reactions and situational awareness, whether your communications needs are large or small, planned or unexpected
  • Updated crisis communications, if needed

Long-term communications and marketing

Medita’s communications team can provide a boost to the implementation and development of your long-term communications and marketing.

In order for your marketing communications to be effective and systematic, and to help your brand grow, we begin by analysing the baseline situation and clarifying both your marketing communications goals and key messages. We get to know your business in depth and define your target groups. In this way, you get the most from our extensive experience working with B2B technology and specialist companies, and we will be able to recommend a team of marketing communication experts to best suit your needs.

The initial review will provide a solid foundation for your communications strategy and point you in the right direction. We then review the course regularly along our journey and, if necessary, change it flexibly in order to achieve the best results.