Responsibility is here to stay. It is not a passing fashion but rather continuous, genuine acts that build trust among stakeholders. It has become an increasingly vital part of all corporate activities: management, business operations, valuation and HR policies.

Responsible operations and promoting them have also become a key asset in terms of recruitment. Many jobseekers favour employers they consider responsible, ethical and sustainable and who match their own values.

It is important to consider why your company wants to communicate its responsibility. Is it due to pressure from the market or your own desire to act responsibly? Is responsibility essential for attracting new recruits?

What about investors: do they have expectations or even demands regarding responsibility in order to protect or increase the value of their investment? Many investors see responsibility as a basic requirement, not just as added value. They also seek regular information concerning responsibility and impact. 

Concrete metrics help employees, audiences, management and investors assess the direction in which your operations are moving. Clear figures are easy to understand but not always easy to produce, which is why the first steps should be taken now.

Building a responsible corporate image starts with credible actions in the various criteria of sustainable business: environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG).


  • Visibility for your company’s responsible actions
  • Concrete metrics and consistent communications help build your corporate image over the long term
  • Investors are interested in responsible companies, potentially increasing the value of your company
  • Employees feel that your corporate values match their own
  • Your reputation as an employer and corporate citizen will improve
  • The image of your company among the general public, including customers, will improve