Earned visibility in the media highlights a company’s competitive advantages and increases awareness and interest towards the company. It enables a company’s own voice and goals to be heard and provides an opportunity for it to participate in and influence social debate and decision-making through the media.

Media visibility also increases the interest of stakeholders in the company’s own communication channels: the customer experience begins online and on social media.

In media relations, results are created through perseverance, reciprocity and consistency.

Our media relations services:

  • Design and implementation of media communications, including distribution
  • Targeted distribution domestically and internationally
  • Press releases and media contacts
  • Background research and article recommendations
  • Own news desk if distribution is through STT Info (Finnish News Agency)
  • Media events, visits and face-to-face meetings
  • Media coaching, prepared questions and answers
  • Media monitoring, reporting and analysis of effectiveness of key messages

Press releases:

  • Professionally written and topical press releases that are of interest to news outlets and the public and covering such issues as new technology, services, experiences, research results, trade and cooperation
  • Angle and suitable media discussed in advance and press release finalised together with the client
  • Press releases and news items can also be used for marketing purposes in multiple channels
  • A good press release provides the credibility of an independent party

Media monitoring and knowledge of the operating environment provide the basis for visibility

Regular contacts with the media and knowledge of the operating environment are the starting points for visibility in the media. Media monitoring and communications analysis are fundamental aspects of corporate and organisational communications: what impact have communications had, what works and what does not. We know the Finnish media field, as many of us have a journalistic background and an extensive education in media.

  • We monitor media daily with online and social media tracking services. We analyse publicity and recommend actions when the timing is right.
  • We make media and social media plans, produce press releases and background materials, and are responsible for distribution and contacts. We organise press conferences or visits and offer experts for interviews with the media.
  • We analyse attitudes and information needs among stakeholders. We also provide assistance with crisis communications.
  • For international media relations, we rely on our Worldcom partners and their local knowledge of their specific market area and media.


  • Consistent and credible public image, increased brand value
  • Visibility in the desired media
  • Regular contacts with the media: press releases, background materials, distribution and contacts
  • Knowledge of the business environment, including readiness to respond rapidly and ideas for your own content production
  • International visibility through our Worldcom partners
  • Support of a communications expert in crisis situations