Medita has been ranked third overall in a new image survey of communications agencies. Medita’s strengths as highlighted in the survey include up-to-date expertise, high-quality service and a good understanding of each client’s line of business. In terms of overall recognition, however, Medita still has room for improvement.

The Medita team keeps up the good job on developing their clients’ marketing and communications.
The independent market research company Taloustutkimus conducts an image survey of communications agencies in Finland every second year. The survey aims to clarify the expertise and image of individual communications agencies, as well as the general outlook for the communications sector in Finland. In this year’s survey, 29 communications agencies were evaluated by 667 buyers of communications services.

According to the respondents to the survey, the key criteria when selecting communications agencies include the price-quality ratio, how well they understand the client’s line of business and operations, and their ability to provide effective communications and listen to the client.

In terms of the general outlook for the communications sector in Finland, growing demand is expected especially in the areas of online communications, social media contents and marketing communications services. Demand for strategic communications planning is also growing.

Finland’s third best communications agency that few know about
Respondents to the survey were given the chance to evaluate the expertise and strengths of specific communications agencies with which they had experience. The feedback for Medita was very positive, thanks for which go to our current and former clients and other partners.

Medita was ranked third overall with a score of 8.20, which was well ahead of the relatively high industry average of 7.86. Nevertheless, Medita was ranked one of the least well-known communications agencies.

In terms of Medita’s image, the survey highlighted the following strengths:

  • Up-to-date expertise
  • Reliability
  • Consulting expertise
  • Quality of service
  • Understanding the client’s line of business

– As a relatively small communications agency, we may not attract as much attention as others, but our long-term approach to doing quality work is clearly appreciated. The results suggest that we have been focusing on the right areas, and we shall continue to develop in the future too, comments Tiinu Wuolio, Managing Partner.

– We received very high scores for our price-quality ratio, which respondents say is the most important criteria for selecting communications agencies. I am really proud of our team for maintaining such a high level of expertise and for doing such a good job developing our clients’ marketing and communications, Wuolio adds.


Published: 22 February 2019