Medita’s communication services

Helsinki & Jyväskylä  in Finland

Medita is an effective and diverse team of marketing, communications and public relations professionals who work for their clients. We want to make the active communications of companies and organisations into a strength that provides them with a competitive advantage. Professional communications do not represent a major investment, yet they can help you achieve your goals faster.

We have offices in Helsinki and Jyväskylä – and consultants wherever our clients need us.

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Medita’s timeline 1997→

1997 – Medita is founded to create content for demanding clients
2000 – Services expand from media content to corporate communications
2001 – Joins MTL Communications Agencies
2006 – Quality system introduced for MTL Communications Agencies
2007 – Office opens in Helsinki
2008 – Joins international ComVort network
2009 – Cooperation agreement with PP-Viestintä
2010 – Becomes a partner in Worldcom PR Group
2010 – Services expand from customer magazines to digital communications
2011 – Continuous content production services, search engine visibility
2015 – Strong expertise in agritech, technology, energy and wellbeing industries
2016 – Focus on content marketing services
2017 – Quality content and more inbound/digital marketing

Marketing and communications are based on trust. It requires attracting the attention of the intended audience, listening, analysing and maintaining interest. It requires monitoring and understanding the media environment, as well as the situation and expectations among other stakeholders. There are many marketing and communications experts out there, but Medita also provides genuine industry know-how to create added value for our clients.

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