The purchasing process today begins online, usually on social media

According to the “Use of information and communications technology by individuals” study published by Statistics Finland, three out of five Finns use social media and 90 per cent among 16-34 year olds. The main tool for social marketing at the moment is Facebook due to its vast number of users: over a billion people globally use Facebook on a daily basis and two million in Finland.

Social media channels selected according to target audience

Social media channels should be selected according to your target audience and communications needs. For example, journalists actively use Twitter, which is also in important tool for crisis communications, LinkedIn is used by more experienced professionals for recruitment communications, while other target audiences use Facebook within targeted markets.

Medita has strong references in social media marketing and online community management. We are experts in Facebook business tools and LinkedIn advertising, just as we are in Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. We are involved on a constant basis in developing corporate images and recruitment marketing in multiple arenas. When implementing and analysing campaigns we are supported by Facebook’s and Google’s own experts.

Online community management

Social media presence has created an entirely new need for companies and communities: online community management. The tools of social media have rapidly become also important customer service channels in which a company’s community manager can respond to questions and also criticism about its products and services.

Working as a community manager requires a solid command of social media tools and industry expertise. In addition, community managers have to know the products and services they are representing and have access to the expertise within their own organisations.

Medita offers a completely outsourced community manager service for different online channels. Tasks can also be divided to allow the communications agency to produce and share content while the company’s own customer service responds to contacts.

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