Media visibility requires being active

A company’s brand is constructed from a consistent and credible public image, i.e. reputation. Regular contacts with the media and an awareness of your business environment are the starting points for media visibility. We develop media and social media plans, produce press releases and background information, and can also take responsibility for distribution and contacting. We can organise press conferences and visits by media representatives, and we can offer experts from within your organisation to be interviewed by the media. We have full knowledge of the playing rules in the Finnish media field.

Media monitoring to support reputation management

Media relations are an important part of our communications department services. Continuous media monitoring creates the readiness to respond rapidly, generates ideas for your own content production and offers a perspective on the development of your public image. Media monitoring is an important component of reputation management.

We monitor the media on a daily basis using online and social media monitoring services. We analyse publicity and propose action whenever there is cause to utilise an opportunity. We can also assist with your crisis communications.

For international media relations we can call on the local market and media knowledge of our Worldcom partners.

Are you looking for more visibility or would like to be able to respond faster? Contact us!

Medita’s media relations, reputation and PR services offer the following:

  • Consistent and credible public image
  • Visibility in the desired media
  • Regular contacts with the media: press releases, background materials, distribution and contacting
  • Knowledge of the business environment: continuous media monitoring and action proposals
  • Services of Worldcom partners for international media relations
  • Support of a communications expert in crisis situations