Targeted key messages that reach your stakeholders

Key messages provide a solid foundation for focussed marketing and communications. They offer a tool for targeting strategically important messages at different stakeholders. Key messages are based on mutual benefit and common interests, as well as quality argumentation.

Key messages help promote mutual understanding internally while strengthening appreciation of the important role played by communications in terms of business promotion. Commonly agreed messages support a consistent and easily identifiable external image in different forums, regardless of who is representing your company at any particular time.

Joint workshops for training key employees

Key messages are formulated using qualitative research methods. The work begins by interviewing the client’s key employees, after which a pair of consultants from Medita organises a workshop in which the client’s most important stakeholders are identified, along with the types of messages that appeal especially to them and key messages that apply to everyone. At the same time the most effective communications channels and forums are defined, the client’s own strengths and challenges are listed, and key employees are trained to answer the most difficult questions.

Key messages ensure that the client’s existing content production resources are used most effectively. The results can be used to support communications planning, content marketing, production calendars, internal communications and operational guidelines, for example.

The joint workshop results in a tool that serves as the foundation for your marketing and communications while guiding your actions in the right direction. Commonly defined messages ensure that all marketing and communications activities support the client’s targets. Once the strategic and individual stakeholder messages have been defined and adopted within your company, communications responsibilities can be shared more broadly, which will further empower your communications.

Medita’s key message services offer the following:

  • A solid foundation for strategic marketing and communications
  • A common understanding of your company’s targets, strengths and challenges
  • Focused and substantiated key messages for key stakeholders
  • A single core message that applies to all stakeholders
  • A tool that can be used in communications planning, content marketing, production calendars, internal communications and operational guidelines