Smooth internal communications and a positive employer profile

A company’s internal communications have a major effect on work atmosphere, employee motivation, the flow of information and the overall efficiency of operations. A strong employer profile strengthens commitment internally and attracts interest in the company. In addition to key messages and functional channels, important roles are played by internal communications, the social skills of managers and employee ambassadors with social media credibility.

We produce employee magazines, intranet content, press releases, presentational materials and website content. We provide special training for expert communications and social media skills, for example, and we can help draw up social media guidelines.

Recruitment communications – attract the best people for the job

Targeted recruitment communications facilitate the recruitment process and help prevent bad selections. Managing expectations is important for both the employer and the job applicant so that the right person can be found for the right job. Creating a positive employer profile on a long-term basis will attract the right kind of people to come and work for your company.

Medita’s recruitment communications services include defining targets and indicators, producing content, selecting the most appropriate channels and ensuring that your website supports the recruitment process. We also utilise applicable social media channels for recruitment communications and optimise your search engine visibility.

HR and recruitment communications are an integral part of our communications department services, so the content we produce can also be used to build your employer profile and for other communications and content marketing needs in different channels.

Medita’s internal communications services offer the following:

  • A smooth flow of information within your company
  • Contents for internal communications
  • Recruitment communications
  • A more attractive employer profile
  • Improved communications expertise among your employees