Medita Communication communications consultancy services
Medita’s communications services include establishing a solid foundation and continuous situational awareness.

Communications services when and as needed

Our external communications department services are tailored according to the individual needs of the client. An external communications department can be scaled up or down to provide the most efficient service. An external communications department also supplements the client’s expertise and provides additional human resources to support the client’s own marketing and communications personnel. It can take the form of a single communications manager or a multifaceted team that can assume wide-ranging responsibility for the client’s communications.

Our external communications department services can provide an additional boost to the long-term development and implementation of your marketing and communications activities. Whether your communications needs are big or small, planned or unscheduled, Medita’s broad and effective communications expertise is at your disposal.

Long-term marketing and communications

We begin with a preliminary review of your marketing and communications, familiarising ourselves with your resources and needs, and defining your key messages. These will provide a solid foundation for your communications strategy and guide your actions in the right direction.

This service offers continuous communications support and actions that can be scaled according to the client’s needs and resources. It can include everything from consultation and training to content production, public relations, digital marketing and crisis communications.

You are served by a committed team of communications consultants whose areas of expertise and industry know-how are specially selected to meet your needs. They can even work at the client’s office if required. The team is headed by a project manager who serves as your personal contact right from the start. The project manager is responsible for maintaining contact with the client and for overseeing the work of the entire Medita team.

What would your communications dream team look like? Get in touch and let’s make communications one of your company’s strengths.

Medita’s external communications department services offer the following:

  • Comprehensive communications service or additional resources
  • Can be scaled up or down according to the client’s needs
  • Access our broad expertise in marketing and communications
  • Designated team of committed experts
  • Long-term and effective cooperation
  • Independent assessment of the client’s communications

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