The company’s own unique content is the core of digital marketing

Digital marketing is about making your expertise, products and services visible.

Your own content leads to paid and earned visibility. The visibility and findability of your content must be supported in the right ways and on the right channels for your target audience. Our selection of digital marketing tools includes search engine optimisation for the content of your website, the technical optimisation of your website and the external optimisation of your website, including links from other websites and social media channels.

Digital marketing is linked to continuous content production. Search engines reward up-to-date content, as a website that is updated regularly is more likely to be of value to your audience than a website on which new content is seldom added.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

No matter how good your content is, it does not help if existing and potential customers cannot find it. The first step towards guaranteeing findability is to consider the customer’s perspective. This can be done by looking at search engine trends, website analytics and quiet signals transmitted by customer service data.

Hakukonenäkyvyyden kehittäminen ja sisältömarkkinointi

Content that is interesting and easy to find will help attract the right visitors to your website. For example, Google analytics shows that a good blog post leads to increased traffic. 

We use data continuously when producing new contents and improving existing contents. Search engine optimisation is not a project but a continuous process. Medita takes SEO into consideration in all our planning and content production work.

Medita’s digital communications tools

Our main partners in the practical implementation of digital communications are Google, Facebook and HubSpot. When planning and optimising Google AdWords campaigns, we carry out continuous cooperation with Google’s Nordic team. We evaluate and develop the effectiveness of Facebook marketing in regular meetings with Facebook’s European team.

Our partner in marketing automation is HubSpot, the leading player in this sector.

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