Development ideas and indicators for your communications

A communications audit is a comprehensive and intensive review of your external communications, marketing and employee communications. An audit helps you develop in the right areas, prioritise these areas and focus existing recourses most efficiently.

An audit also provides indicators that can be used for developing your marketing and communications, as well as for identifying and working on the areas that are most likely to help you achieve your targets. In practice a communications audit involves a structured discussion between a consultant from Medita and the person in charge of marketing and communications at your company. Together we review the situation concerning all aspects of your communications and define the target level with the help of an auditing tool developed by Medita.

Concrete development proposals

Once the review has been made, Medita’s communications consultants will analyse the results and suggest concrete development proposals in order to achieve your targets. Using external experts will help you identify shortcomings that may be overlooked during internal reviews.

The communications audit is summarised in a clear report that can be used as the basis for developing your communications. A follow-up audit after an agreed period of time will ensure that you are moving in the right direction and that the action taken is effective.

Medita’s communications team will be glad to assist you in further development work and communications projects after the audit if required.

Medita’s Communications Self Assessment Tool offers the following:

  • A comprehensive review of your marketing and communications
  • Indicators to help you develop and monitor the areas that support your targets
  • Support for prioritising development areas
  • Expert independent perspective
  • Concrete development proposals
  • Close cooperation when carrying out the audit
  • Support for further developing your communications after the audit

How Communication Self Assessment Tool can help you? Read Suur-Savon Sähkö’s experience about it.

The Quick test

Medita and the Worldcom experts have identified 10 areas that are important to effective communications.

This free tool provides a very quick way to:

  • Check if you are focusing on all areas that matter to your organisation
  • Identify if you could be doing better in some of the areas
  • Enable you to make a commitment to improvement in key areas
  • Check if you are meeting your improvement targets
  • Check how well your communications strategy is explicitly tied to your business strategy

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