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Medita Communication communications consultancy services
Medita’s communications services include establishing a solid foundation and continuous situational awareness.

Our services respond to all the different kinds of marketing and communications needs that companies may have, from planning to implementation. Our diverse expertise is tailored into a unique package for each individual client.

We work on a long-term basis and always offer the highest level of communications. Medita has created effective tools to establish a solid foundation and ensure the right direction for supporting the goals of our clients.

Medita’s communications expertise is at your service

Medita has an excellent awareness of Finnish media and media usage habits in Finland.

We always take into consideration the Finnish business environment when localising content and providing PR services.

  • Key Messages are the foundation for marketing and communications, helping a company to utilise its existing resources effectively. Key messages are required to ensure that your communications are focused, influential and broad-based.
  • Digital Marketing comprises online visibility, findability, relevance and effectiveness. Digital marketing has become an essential component of effective marketing and communications.
  • Media Relations, Reputation and PR help construct a company’s public image and visibility. They involve active and continuous work, such as supplying information, creating relevant contents, interacting with stakeholders and monitoring.
  • Internal Communications promote mutual understanding and the flow of information within a company, helping to gain and maintain the commitment of employees. Each and every employee is an ambassador for your company.
  • Content Marketing services respond to the needs of a company’s stakeholders, offering a means to influence, offer information and create an impression. High-quality and targeted content marketing is an effective way to create results.
  • Social Media marketing and online community management are an important part of our work. We are experts in Facebook business tools and LinkedIn advertising, just as we are in Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
  • External Communications Department services can be tailored according to the needs of the client. These services represent a goal-oriented and long-term commitment all year round.
  • Communication Self Assessment Tool represent an intensive and comprehensive service that identifies development targets and potential methods for a company’s communications in a constructive a knowledgeable way. Our audits provide clear indicators to evaluate the quality of your communications.

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