Meditan ulkoinen viestintäosasto skaalautuu LH Lift in tarpeiden mukaan.

”We initially got in touch with Medita to help us with our 40th anniversary, but our cooperation has continued to expand since then. Medita proposed ways in which we could enhance our recognition that we hadn’t thought about before. It’s an ongoing project, but so far everything has been carried out very efficiently and professionally,” says Kari Piltonen, Managing Director of LH Lift.
Medita serves as the company’s external communications department.

How to reach international machine manufacturers and farmers

LH Lift Oy manufactures three point linkage parts and rear hitches for tractors in a beautiful rural setting in Haapasuo in Kuusa (Laukaa), Central Finland. Founded 40 years ago on a farm where its modern production facilities are still located, the company has grown to become a global player in its own field – it even has its own subsidiary and production facilities in Ningbo, China. Despite its impressive growth, LH Lift has been keen to further enhance its recognition, as its competitors today are major multinational corporations.

Medita has strong expertise in LH Lift’s line of business, which enabled it to tailor around half a dozen marketing activities especially for LH Lift to help it reach its own customers and other select target groups. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), LH Lift provides subcontracting services to large and international manufacturers, but it also sells some of its products directly to end customers, such as farmers and contractors. Reaching both target groups is a challenge in itself.

The marketing activities that Medita has carried out with LH Lift includes for example:

  • Press conference with all the accompanying materials and invitations
  • Social media training focusing on LinkedIn
  • The production of articles for journals read by machine manufacturers
  • Press releases and other recent news
  • Animation for exhibition show
  • Brochure
  • SEO optimization for the website
  • Google, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising
  • Marketing for online shop
  • Product promotion video
  • Paid print advertising

Expertise in the industry, as well as both domestic and international media channels, have played a key role.

An external communications department can be scaled up or down

”It’s been nice to work with Medita, since we haven’t had to explain the basics of our line of business and products. Since they are already familiar with our business, it makes working together easier and leads to better ideas. Medita has also assumed responsibility for carrying out the agreed activities and sticking to deadlines – they even kept us on our toes whenever a deadline was getting close,” Piltonen adds.

LH Lift is quite typical of many SMEs in the engineering business in that it lacks its own marketing department. Hiring a full-time marketing professional can represent a big threshold, whereas the same services are available flexibly from a media agency like Medita. The team of experts at Medita also possesses a much broader range of skills in different fields that any one-man marketing department.

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