international customer magazine Valtra Team

Tractor manufacturer Valtra and Medita have worked together on Valtra’s international customer magazine Valtra Team for over ten years. The scope of our cooperation has continued to grow over the years, from coordinating language editions to editing and producing content.

Valtra Team is published twice a year in around ten different languages. In addition to all the language editions, various country editions are also published. For example, different versions of the German ­language edition are published for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Each issue of Valtra Team has 24 pages. Six of the pages feature local content for each individual market, such as customer interviews and local events. The remaining content is the same in all language editions and includes, for example, presentations of new tractor models.

”We wanted to work with a professional partner who has knowledge of our industry and who is able to provide a diverse range of content production and project support alongside our own resources. Our long-term cooperation with Medita has been flexible, reliable and efficient,” says Hannele Kinnunen, Manager, Communications and PR, at Valtra.

Just 50 cents buys over 20 minutes of the customer’s time

All editions of Valtra Team are printed at the same time in Finland, which enables considerable volume discounts. As a result, the cost of one magazine, including printing, translating, postage and other expenses, is as low as 50 cents. According to surveys, readers in Finland, for example, spend over 20 minutes with each issue. In other words, an investment of just 50 cents buys over 20 minutes of the customer’s time. Few other communications tools are that effective.

The customer magazine remains one of Valtra’s main marketing communications channels along with the internet, brochures, social media, events, sponsorship, direct advertising and others. According to the general rule of thumb in communications, around a third of customers cannot be reached via the internet, another third cannot be reached through print media and the remaining 40 percent use various other channels. With its multichannel marketing approach, Valtra can reach as many potential customers as possible.

The contents of the Valtra Team customer magazine are also utilised on Valtra Team’s country­specific websites. In this way, the articles also reach customers who do not read the printed magazine.

In addition to working together on the customer magazine, Valtra and Medita have enjoyed long-term cooperation in other areas including:

  • HR Communications
  • Recruitment Communications
  • Tractor Pulling Marketing
  • Google AdWords/Display, YouTube and Facebook advertising for tractor and and other working machines spare parts
  • Media Relations
  • Content Production
  • Video Production

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