Finns and media

This is Finland

Finland has population of 5,4 million that is nordic country located in the EU. Media in Finland is centralized and only few media companies are operating the top media brands. In Finland press has a freedom to say what they want

How we spend time with the media

How Finns spend time with media. 15–69 old Finns spend on average 7,5 hours daily with the media (source: 1). Most of the time is spent on internet and watching TV.

The big media companies in Finland

Alma Media logo Yle logo Aller logo A-lehdet logo
STT is Finnish news agency owned by Alma Media, Sanoma and Turun Sanomat. Yle also owns a part of it. Sanoma logo Otavamedia logo

Doing PR in Finland needs high quality information, facts, figures, pictures and video. Stories with connection to the Finnish audience are effective

Doing PR in Finland? You need high quality information. Also facts/figures, pictures and videos are good as well as direct contact to CEO as opposed to spokesperson. Stories that have a connection to the Finnish aucience is also important

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Medita´s PR and media services includes press releases, media briefings, events, one-to-one meetings, personal relations, suggestion of topics and social media presence

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We also have an excellent knowledge of the Finnish media environment and business areas, especially related to industry, energy, technology and wellbeing.

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